Recently I tuned my computer at work, and set Openbox as my desktop environment, which is my favorite Linux desktop environment, with my usual key bindings, configuration files and so.

For setting a wallpaper I wasn't sure which one could I choose so I created this small bash script for setting a random wallpaper using Reddit as the source every time I start the PC.

rm ~/wallpaper.jpg
subreddits=("EarthPorn" "Wallpaper" "Wallpapers" "CityPorn" "SkyPorn" "BeachPorn" "SpacePorn" "WaterPorn")
subreddit=${subreddits[$RANDOM % ${#subreddits[@]}]}
ID="$(wget -q "$subreddit" -O - | grep '"post"' | grep class | cut -d\" -f 2 | head -1)" 
echo "Downloading $ID.jpg"
wget -c -q -N "$ID.jpg" -O ~/wallpaper.jpg
feh --bg-fill ~/wallpaper.jpg

This script will get an image from reddit using wget and will save it into your home folder, then using feh will set it as the wallpaper.I included a list of subreddits containing images suitable for having nice wallpapers like SpacePorn, EarthPorn or Wallpaper

Then save the script in your home folder as, set it to executable using chmod and add the execution of this script to the startup of openbox adding the following line to ~/.config/openbox/autostart :

sh ~/