This is just a fast writing on a small issue I've discovered when writing a Meteor app. So I've you are trapped in the same situation I've spending a couple of hours and find this post when Googling this can make you save time.

If you are using Jade for writing your meteor templates using the most popular package called mqandalle:jade , you are probably writing the data tags as in Jade syntax eg. #{tag} as recommended in the README.

Now if you also want Flash messages and you are also using the most popular package for this, called naxio:flash you probably have read in the README that for displaying these messages you have to write {{flash}} on your HTML template.

And if you also translated it to the Jade syntax #{flash} and inserted it on your template, and are wondering why the <flash> tag generated is not responding to the javascript code for displaying messages, is because for some reason that's not the html code supposed to be written by the naxio:flash package. So the solution is as simple as just writing the standard meteor syntax {{flash}} just for this time, and everything should work.